All Music Television, LLC, is an independently owned multimedia, digital video, television, radio, music and sports content distribution and production company founded in July 2014. AMTV specializes in the development, production and distribution of music, sports and lifestyle related digital media content and television programming. All Music Television LLC currently produces the jazz music television series The Jazz Creative which airs on the ASPiRE TV NETWORK. All Music Television LLC has also created the AMTV Digital Network and the #AMTVLIVE App as an interactive, curated digital platform and destination for music fans and as a resource for indie producers, artists, musicians and labels to create and generate additional revenue from their works, live events and live music performances. AMTV Digital Network has developed this new digital video platform using the latest video streaming technologies, backed by EMMY AWARD winning video and television producers, directors and profesionals in the music and digital media industries to give artists and musicians new economic freedoms, power, opportunities and exposure to exploit their own live performances, works, projects and events using live video streaming and VOD to generate additional revenue and to give fans unprecedented and exclusive access to their favorite concerts, festivals, music, musicians, artists and related content and events, worldwide, in all styles and genres of music on one digital media platform. Exclusive live concerts and performances, VOD, music news and reviews, movies and other great content on your phone, tablet, laptop, connected TV or game console, from your new source for music, the All Music Television Digital Network. 

To date the company has been self-funded, has completed its first soft launch and is currently preparing a Series A.

The All Music Television Digital Network